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Abraham Montgomery enlisted in the War of 1812. He is listed in the muster roll of the First Regiment in 1814. North Carolina, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1790-1890l; online database,

On 16 June 1821, he was issued a marriage bond in Caswell Co., North Carolina to marry Nancy M. Hatchett, daughter of William Hatchett and Sarah B. Turner. North Carolina, Marriage Collection, 1741-2004; online database,

Abraham Montgomery is living in Caswell Co. North Carolina in 1830. His household during the 1830 census includes 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 2 females under 5, 2 females 5-10, and 1 female 20-30. His father-in-law William Hatchett is listed on the same page. 1830 U.S. Census, Caswell Co., North Carolina, Roll 119, p. 304.

In August 1839, the court in Rowan County ordered that part of the land in Rowan County where Abraham Montgomery formerly resided be laid off for his widow, Nancy Montgomery. . North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979, Caswell County, North Carolina, Estate of ABraham Montgomery; digital image,, (image 2). 
Montgomery, Abraham (I2405)
Abram Perkins was the son of Philemon Perkins and Obedience Cox. He married Cecily Turpin. On 18 Nov. 1771, Abram Perkins sold land in Goochland Co. that he inherited from his uncle, also named Abram Perkins, and moved to the area that is now Caswell Co. Goochland Co. Deed Book 10, p. 176. He died in Caswell Co. leaving a will dated 14 June 1793, proved Oct. 1793. Caswell Co. Will Book C, p. 50. John Fredrick Dorman, Adventurers of Purse and Person, 1607-1624/25, Vol I., (Baltimore, 2004), pp. 763. 
Perkins, Abram (I2143)
According to the Journal of Winston Dalton, Abner started to Tennessee 20 Jan. 1817. 
Bennett, Abner (I627)
After the death of Cosssum, Katherine remarried to Mason French. Mason and Catherine had custody of property in the form of slaves and personality, due Catherine's four children by Cossum Bennett. William Bennett was joined in his petition for the division of property by John Rose, who petitioned on behalf of his wife Lucy. The parties agreed to have an arbitrator decide for them. The decision reads in part:

The Suite in chancery between William Bennett one of the Sons of Cossum Bennett decd Compt. and Mason ƒƒrench and Katherine his wife late Relict of the Said Cossum Bennett Respondents being of Consent of parties at May Court are Refered to Colo Henry Fitzhugh Capt Henry Fitzhugh and Capt Anthony Thornton all of Stafford County and their award to be Returned to this Court and Made the Decree of the Said Court...Said Award being now Returned in Writing...We do award and Order that the above named Mason and Katherine ƒƒrench do pay to...Wm Bennett the Sum thirteen pounds Six Shilling and four pence three farthings as a fifth part of the personal Estate of his father Cossum Bennett also award and order the sd Mason & Katherine to deliver two negros viz. Frank and Nan to William Bennett as his part of the negros belonging to his ƒƒathers Estate of aforesaid three (Viz) Boss, Will & Selah being by an Equal Division of all the negros allotted to the Other Son Cossume as his part and as to Katherine ƒƒrench above Named as her dower of her Decd husbands Estate and we do also award & order that a third part of all the Lands belonging to the above Named Cossume Bennet Decd. be allotted to the above Named Katherine as her Dower of her Dec(d husbands Lands and that the Said William Bennet do get Capt John Washington Capt Anthony Thornton & Mr. Townsend Washington of Stafford County to Make the Said alottment and We Do also award that Each of these Said parties Shall bear Suit own coorderd Charges in any wise relating to or Covering the promise & lastly We do award and order that the Said William Bennett and Mason and Katherine ƒƒrench at the receipt of the Said Money & Division and alottment of the Said Land and Negros as aforsaid Shall in fource of Law Execute Each to the other of them Generall Release Sufficient in Law for Releasing by each...

Catherine and Mason lived on her dower share of Cossum Bennett's estate in Westmoreland County, on Machodock Creek. Boundary line changes over the years now places this land in King George County. 
Ellis, Katherine (I834)
Agnes made a will in Chesterfield County. She made bequests to children, Mary and Richard, and three granddaughters. An unplaced grandchild was Elizabeth Jones (will dated 1 June 1762,  recorded 7 Jan. 1763 ). Chesterfield Co. Will Book 1, pg. 408; Chesterfield Co. Order Book 3, pg. 385 
Bolling, Agnes (I1323)
Albemarle/Pittsylvania Co. Virginia:
John F. Dalton (ca. 1750-60 to 3 April 1833) and wife Mary Ann (Flannagan) Dalton (11 Nov 1753 to 1820-30) from Virginia, were charter members of old Second Creek Baptist Church (constituted 1 Oct 1814). Married about 1772 in Virginia, before the American Revolution, they lived their last years on earth a couple of miles northwest of Hartsville, purchasing land on Goose Creek in 1813.

John F. Dalton (ca 1750-60 to 3 April 1833) was the son, it seems, of Robert Dalton and wife Mary (Key) Dalton, earlier of Albemarle Co., VA, and later of Pittsylvania Co., VA. Mary was the daughter of John Key and wife Martha (Tandy) Key. Mary Ann (Flannagan) Dalton was the daughter of James Flannagan, Jr., son of James Flannagan, Sr.

The Daltons were from Virginia and from Ireland, according to Myrtle (Dalton) Story (1900-1983). They were slave owners and there are many Black Daltons in the Hartsville area today in addition to the White Daltons. John F. Dalton's estate papers lists many slaves by name and age.

In John Dalton's will (dated 4 Jan 1833) he mentioned "Negro man Issac" as having been recently lent to his son, John, he bequested "to my grandson Tyre son of John one negro boy named Moses," he "bequesth to (daughter) Matilda Cathey one negro man named Cylus to be counted to her as five hundred dollars," and he gave son Shelton "one hundred and sixty dollars for the hire of negro man 4 years."

1767 - Pittsylvania Co tithables list has a Robert, John, and Robert Jr.
listed at one location--to be determined who the elder Robt is. (89/9)
1769 - 24 Aug: "a" Robt Dalton Jr bought 45 acr both sides Frying Pan Cr
in Pitts Co from John Dalton of Pitts Co. Deed was signed by David
Dalton, James Mitchell, James Bobbitt. There is not a Robert-John-David
combination as brothers in a family. Is Robt Jr (RIN 998), b. abt 1750,
too young for this legal transaction? Is Robert (RIN 924) in Pitts Co at
this time and consequently a candidate to be this person? (55/7) More
input into this 45 acres deed: The land was purchased in Halifax Co on 8
Nov 1766 from Arter Barden, 45 acres for ú20, land on both sides Pigg
River beg. at Wm Atkinson's line, going along Lewis Potter's line.
Witnesses to the deed were Wm Atkinson, Robert Dolton, and James
Dolton (345/12) James Dolton on 15 Sept 1766 sold the 50 ac land he
had on north side/Pigg River to Richard Shockley and bought from
Shockley 50 acres on south side of Pigg River, land that went down
Atkinson's line also (345/11) Same day in Sept same yr, James sold 30
of those 50 acres to Robert Dolton, land abstract mentioned Atkinson's
line and Bobbitt's line. (345/11)
1770 - 11 Feb John Dalton, Jr of Pittsylvania Co sold 100 acres in
Albemarle Co for 3 pounds 15 shillings to Thomas Terry. The land was
the other half (moiety) of that John sold to Thomas Carr.(45/4-5)
1770 - 2 or 11 Feb listed as John Dalton Jr, Pittsylvania Co., sold 100
acres land in Albemarle (one moiety of 200 acres given to Mary Key
Dalton, mother of John Dalton Jr, wife of Robert Dalton, daughter of John
Key) to Tho: Carr of Albemarle. Land on head branches of Keys Mill Run
on North side of Southwest Mountains. The other moiety owned/just
bought by Thomas TERRY. Deed abstract. Wits: Jno. Moore (45/2)
1775 - mentioned in Timothy's estate Accounts is a "John Dalton"
without the middle initial "F"--only other possibilities were John Spike
(RIN 997), John (RIN 862) who married Patience, and John RIN 911,
possible son of David, grandson of Tim Sr. This John F. certainly has the
closer family ties for being the right John. Other familiar names
mentioned in the accounts list were: James Talbot, Benj. Tarrance,
Samuel Calland, Joseph Arthur, Randolph Bobbitt, William Baber, James
Flannakin [Flannagan]. (75/7)
1775 - 21 Feb: had land on Bent Cr adjoining James Flanagan (76/2)
1775 - 2 May: Pittsylvania Co, swore [not a Quaker] to appraise a stray
mare along with Robert Dalton Jr, under the auspices of William Witcher
1780 - Pitts Co, Cambden Parish. The church record processioning listed
John Dalton and then specified "son of Robert." This was the first year
that the father (RIN 862) of the blind children was not listed--dead??
(his wife Patients was), so I think these two facts determine two
different John Daltons. John was ordered to procession lands from
mouth of Old Woman's Creek up Staunton River to Pigg River then to the
mouth of Frying Pan Creek. Others processioning with him were Wm
Ward, Benj Tarrent, Jeremiah Ward, Field Robertson and Wm Bennett
1781 - Pitts Co Tax List, may be the John who paid hefty sum of ú48.
1791 - voided land entry of 270 ac on Falling & Kent Cr survey first
made for P. Bennett by James Flanagan's warrant. (62/2) warrant sold
to Joseph Towler (76/14)
1802 - 6 Sept: Pittsylvania Co, Camden Parish, overseer of poor for
Elizabeth Collier. His name appeared "John Dolton (Flan)" (132/53)
1803 - 1 Sept: Pitts Co, church overseer for Elizabeth Collier. This
time name is listed "Jno. Dalton (F)"
1804 - 3 Sept: Pitts Co, church overseer for Elizabeth Collier. This
time name is listed "John F. Dalton" (132/57)
1805 - 2 Sept: Pitts Co, church overseer for Elizabeth Collier. This
time name is listed "John F. Dalton" (132/58)
1806 - 1 Sept: Pitts Co, church overseer for Elizabeth Collier. This
time name is listed "John F. Dalton" (132/59)
1807 - 22 Sept: Pitts Co, church overseer for Elizabeth Collier. This
time name is listed "John F. Dalton" [for 1809 Eliz. Collier was taken
care of by George Ward--132/61] (132/60)
1832 - Will (probably dated, even though the source said "filed") in
Sumner Co, TN. Named sons: John R. with grandson Tyre, Winston,
Shelton, James, and Booker; daughter Matilda Cathy [one or two people?]
1833 - 13 Aug: date of death, according to Winston's Register (92/2)
(156/3) 3 Apr 1833 is date in DNL Vol. VI no. 3 July 1980 (sent to me
from Steve Harris)
!FAMILY: female children are noticably absent. Four of his sons were
married in Sumner Co, TN and in doc 92/7 there are many unidentified
marriages of young Miss Daltons, some of which must be daughters of
John F. [MDC] // a Jean Dalton, daughter of John "T," m. Wm. Haymes 22
Dec 1794. Misread handwriting could suggest the "F" was a "T." The
dates of marriage coordinate well. There is no John T. in PAF (148/2)
!Source: Entire family provided by another researcher, Sally Federer, of
W. Va. Nancy Samuelson's "The Dalton Gang Story" gives same list. NS
says, "There were several John Daltons in Pitts. Co. VA and difficult to
sort. However, Winston Dalton kept a 'Register' with names of many
relatives, etc. It was kept with and handed down with original land grant
to Tim, Jr., therefore it is logical that John F. is s/o Tim, Jr."
!Residence: John F. is seen in Pittsylvania Co., VA on the Virginia
Personal Property Tax List of 1787. Winston's Register says "Dalton,
John started for Tennessee 3 Nov 1812.
!Misc: Winston says, "First letter we had from Father, May 18, 1813.
!Death: I have failed to document my source for the 13 Aug 1833 date of
death for John F. but Winston's Register says he died 3 Apr 1833.
!DEATH: His Will proved in May 1833, so the Apr date may be right. An
abstract of that will (from doc 93/17) reads: "To son John $290, and
tract of land I live on. Grandson Tyree son of John Dalton. To Matilda
Cathy. Walton Dalton. To Shelton Dalton. To James Dalton. Sons John
and Booker Dalton Executors. Dated 4 Jan 1832." Pg 159 // dated 14
Jan 1832 (91/4) 
Dalton, John F. (I1185)
Alexander Lyon was named as a resident of Culpepper Co. in his marriage bond.

Alexander Lyon is on 1799 list of insolvents in Caswell Co., NC 
Lyon, Alexander (I3583)
Alexander Wray is the son of Andrew Ray, and is identified in the will of Robert Wray as Robert’s nephew. Rockingham Co. Will Book B, pg.18. Rockingham Co. Will book B, pg. 248. Irene B. Webster, Rockingham County North Carolina Will Abstracts 1785-1865, pg. 35.

A Polly Barnes married William Ray on 29 Feb. 1816 in Rockingham Co., NC. Bond # 000121444. Jeremiah Martin was the bondsman and J.H. Scales witnessed the bond.

Aleses Ray , 48, appears in the 1850 census for Rockingham Co., NC. His household includes his wife Polly, 49; a daughter M.E. Ray, 23 (Permelia or Milly); a daughter M.C. Ray 19 (Martha), a son S.B. Ray, 17, a son A.W. Ray (Andrew), 16; a daughter M.E. Ray, 13; a son R.M. Ray (Robert) 9. 1850 Census of Rockingham Co., NC, pg. 59.

Alexander.W. Wray is listed as being 56 years old in the 1860 census. His wife is listed as being 60 years old. In the same household are Milly 30, Andrew W. 25, Mary A, 20 and Robert 19. Daughter Martha is already married by this time. Based on the marriage certificate, I presume that his middle name must have been William.

In the 1830 census, Alexander Wray is 20 - 30 years old. He has two female children under 5. His wife is also 20 - 3- years old. pg. 292.

A.W. Wray appears in the 1870 census in Rockingham Co., NC. He is 67 years old and living with his wife Polly, 70, and daughter Amelia 40. Rockingham Co., NC Census, pg. 366.

Alexander Wray and his wife Mary both appear in the 1880 census for Rockingham Co., NC. Rocingham Co., NC Census, pg. 48. He is 77 and his wife Mary is 79. Daughter Martha Cole is listed as the head of the next family. Granddaughter Suson Combs and her husband James Combs appear in the previous entry. He lists Rockingham Co. as his birthplace.

It is likely that Alexander Wray died in Rockingham Co. sometime after 1880.

Alexander Wray appears in the 1830 census for Rockingham Co., NC. He is living with 2 females under 5 and 1 female betweeen 20 and 30 (presumably his wife). Rockingham Co., NC Census, pg. 292. 
Wray, Alexander William (I1337)
Allen Scott appears initially in Caswell Co. records when a marriage bond issued for him to marry America Bennett on the 30 Mar. 1823. The identity of his parents are not known, however, there is some evidence that he was the brother of Azariah Scott, who died in 1858 in Caswell Co. The evidence linking Allen Scott and Azariah Scott is derived mainly from the census records. Allen Scott is living in Caswell Co. in the 1830, 1840, and 1850 censuses. In 1860 and 1870, Allen Scott and his wife America appear in the Ashe Co., NC census. A 23 year old Henry Scott is living in the household of William Bows (?) in the 1850 Caswell Co. census. Allen Scott and Henry Scott appear as heads of household in Ashe Co., NC in the 1860 census. Allen Scott is 62 and is living with America Scott. Henry Scott is 33 and living with his first wife Mary Scott. In the 1870 census for Ashe Co., 40 year old Henry Scott and 6 year old James Scott are living in the household of Allen Scott and America Scott. It appears that Henry’s first wife died and Henry moved into the household of his elderly parents. In the 1880 Ashe Co. census, Azariah H.Scott is listed as head of household and is living with Pheby Scott. 16 year old James Scott is listed as the son of Azariah. I believe that Henry Scott and Azariah H. Scott are the same person.

Based on the census records, it can be concluded that Allen Scott and Azariah Scott are approximatley the same age. Allen Scott was born about 1797 while Azariah Scott was born about 1802. Both lived near Hogan’s Creek in Caswell Co. Allen named a son Azariah.

Allen Scott appears in Caswell Co. in the 1830 census. His household includes 2 males under 5 (Pleasant and Azariah Henry), 1 male 5-10 (?), 1 male 20-30 (Allen), 1 female under 5 (Elizabeth), and 1 female 20-30 (America). 1830 Caswell Co., North Carolina Census, Roll 19, p. 295.

In 1838, Allen Scott was bondsman for the marriage bond of Francis Browning and Mary Morton. The bond is dated 22 Dec. 1838. Katherine Kerr Kendall, Caswell County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1778-1864, Geneaological Publishing Co. , p. 10.

Allen Scott is recorded in the 1840 census in Caswell Co. His household includes 1 male 5-10 (James), 2 males 10-15 (Pleasant and Azariah Henry), 1 male 15-20 (?), 1 male 40-50 (Allen), 2 females under 5 (Joicey W. and Mary S.), 2 females 5-10 (Nancy L. and ?), 1 female 10-15 (Elizabeth), and 1 female 30-40 (America). 1840 Caswell Co., North Carolina Census, Roll 358, p. 123.

Allen Scott is listed in the 1850 census in Caswell Co. His household includes his wife America (45), Pleasant (25), Elizabeth (21), James A. (19), Nancy L. (17), Joicey W. (15), Mary S. (13), Luther R. (6), and William F. (2). 1850 Caswell Co., North Carolina Census, Roll M432_623, p. 185.

In the 1860 census, Allen Scott and his wife are living in Ashe Co., North Carolina. Their household includes Elizabeth Scott (28), Nancy (26), Joycia (24), Mary s. (22), Luther (17), and William (12). 1860 Ashe Co., North Carolina Census, Roll M653_887, p. 308. Henry Scott, age 33 and his wife Elizabeth 23, are listed on the next page. James A. Scott, is listed as head of household and is living with his wife Elizabeth and Franklin Scott 16.

In 1870, Allen Scott ans his wife America are still in Ashe Co. Their household includes Elizabeth 38, Nancy 28, Joicey 26, William 19, Henry 40, and James 6. 1870 Ashe Co., North Carolina Census, Roll M593_1122, p. 535.

Allen Scott and America Scott have not been found in the 1880 census, though their children remain in Ashe Co. Therefore, it is presumed that Allen Scott and America Scott died between 1870 and 1880. 
Scott, Allen (I3037)
Allenson Clark was the son of Allenson and Martha (-) Clark. His mother’s maiden name is not known. He bought 150 acres on the north side of the Third Branch of Swift Creek from John Ferguson Sr. in 1750. Chesterfield Co. Deed Book 1, p. 142. His name appears as Ellyson Clark Jr. in the deed. He appeared on the tithable list in Chesterfiled Co. in 1756. Chesterfiled Co. Tithables, 1756. Allenson made a will 10 Feb. 1766 and proved 1 Aug. 1766 in Chesterfield Co. Chesterfield Co. Court Order Book 3, p. 750. The will names his wife Blanch and six children. John Clarke, brother of Allenson Clark, was named executor.

In Sept 1766, Field Clarke chose Robert Haskins as his guardian. Amelia Clarke and Ellison Clarke chose James Akins as their Guardian. Chesterfield Co. Chesterfield Co. Court Order Book 3, p. 761. Ellison Clarke was appointed guardian for Peter and Shadrach Clarke in 1771. Chesterfield Co. Chesterfield Co. Court Order Book 4, p. 487.

Sources: John W. Pritchett, Southside Virginia Genealogies (Baltimore, Md: Genealogical Publishing Co. 2007), Ancestral Family Topic 3314, pp. 2106-2116. 
Clark, Allenson (I2614)
Also called Lillie 
Bullin, Delila Lula (I3371)
American Obituary 1842.

Oct. 12. - In Cincinatti, Ohio, Rev. Bartlett Bennett, aged 99 years. The deceased was born in the County of Albemarle, in the State of Virginia, in the year 1743. He became a Baptist preacher in his 25th year, and was one of the early pioneers in the State of Kentucky.

Source: American almanac and repository of useful knowledge , Volume 15 By Jared Sparks, George Partridge Sanger 
Bennett, Bartlett (I706)
An administrator’s bond was issued 25 Nov. 1835. The estate records do not reveal the heirs of Lucy. Orange, North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979, Estate of Lucy Taylor, 1835; Digital images. FamilySearch. : accessed 17 Apr. 2014); citing North Carolina Estate Records, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh.

Lucy’s unmarried daughter Jane also passed away in the same year and the estates were apparently administered at the same time. The estate record of Jane Taylor identifes Lucy as her mother and names Jane’s “full-blooded” brothers and sisters. Her brother John was already deceased and the names of his four children are also stated in Jane’s estate record. Orange, North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979, Estate of Jane Taylor, 1835; Digital images. FamilySearch. : accessed 17 Apr. 2014); citing North Carolina Estate Records, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh. 
Reed, Lucy (I4422)
An inventory and appraissal for the estate of Zachariah Hooper was recorded on 25 Sept. 1775. Amelia Co. Will Book 2, p. 167. Source: Wills/Adminsitrations, Library of Virginia Database.

For future research.

Call Number 39843
Author Johnston, F. Claiborne, Jr.
Title Hooper family genealogical notes.
Publication Compiled in 2002.
Material 1 v. (450 leaves).
Gen. note Consists of 2 copies.
Summary Includes information on the ancestors and descendants of Zachariah Hooper (ca. 1740-1775) of Amelia County, Virginia, including information on lines which settled in North Carolina. Includes abstracts of wills and deeds and copies of Bible records, suits, deeds, and marriage licenses. Also includes an index. Other surnames mentioned: Carter, Foster, Henderson, Horton, Jones, Kimbrough, Strong, Salling, Walker, and Wilson.
Format Photocopies.
Subject - Personal Hooper, Zachariah, ca. 1740-1775.
Carter family
Foster family
Henderson family.
Hooper family.
Horton family.
Jones family
Kimbrough family.
Strong family
Salling family.
Walker family
Wilson family
Genre/Form Bible records.
Deeds -- Virginia -- Halifax County.
Genealogies -- North Carolina.
Genealogies -- Virginia -- Amelia County.
Judicial records -- Virginia -- Mecklenburg County.
Marriage licenses -- North Carolina.
Series Genealogical notes collection; 39843.

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System Number 000503670 
Hooper, Zachariah (I2946)
65 North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA 
Harrison, William Glen (I1413)
Andrew Cole is the son of Tunis Cole. He is most likely born about 1828 in North Carolina because his presumed father was living there at the time of his birth. His birth date is estimated from census data.

A marriage bond was issued to Andrew J. Cole to marry Martha Ray (Wray) on 2 Jan. 1854. They were married 27 Dec. 1853 in Rockingham Co., North Carolina. Theophilus Carr was bondsman and WM Ellington the witness. Bond # 000119173.

A.J. Cole, 32, is listed in the 1860 census in Rockingham Co. He is living with his wife Martha, 31, son William L., 5, and daughter Mary A., 3. Rockingham Co., North Carolina Census 1860, Roll M653_912, pg. 35. They are living in Wentworth township.

An Andrew J, Cole served in Co. E, 45th North Carolina Infantry and died on 24 Oc. 1863. 45th N.C. Infantry Casualty List, transcribed by James Green, Rockingham County, NC Genweb Archives, , submitted September 10, 2008.

A.J. Coles’s father died possessed of 60 acres of land on Wolf Island Creek in Rockingham Co. His wife Leah and children petitioned to sell the land. The petitioners were Leah Cole (his wife), Green Cole, Theophilus Cole, Athal Carroll and his wife Jane, Washington Hudson and his wife Elizabeth, R.L. Corum and his wife Sarah, Frances Cole, minor child of A.J. Cole, and William Cole, minor child of Tilman Cole. Tunis Cole Estate Records, Rockingham County Estate Records 1780-1926, North Carolina Divsion of Archives, C.R. 084.508.9.

Robert W. Ramsay, Carolina Cradle: Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier, 1747 - 1762, University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1964. 
Cole, Andrew J. (I1239)
Andrew Sanders and his wife nancy apparently moved to Henry Co. Tenn. They are lenumerated there in the 1850 and 1860 census. On 1870 and 1880 they appear in Calloway Co., Ky.

Wndrew Sanders may have remarried to Harriet Miller after his first wife died.

1830 US Census, Rockingham Co, NC, pg 314, line 25, Andrew Saunders household. NARA micropub M19-124.

1840 US Census, Henry Co, TN, pg 457 (alt pg 34), line 15, Andrew Sanders household. NARA micropub M704-522.

1850 US Census, District 12, Henry Co, TN, pg 348 (alt pg 695), dwell 86, fam 86, line 5, Andrew Sanders household. NARA micropub M432-884. 
Saunders, Andrew (I1450)
Andrew Wray applied for a pension in Guilford Co. in 1905. His widow, Mary, applied for a pension in 1914. Pension File for Andrew Wray. Box 6.652 (Mars ID 5.22.477.12) 
Wray, Andrew W. (I1345)
Ann Eppes was the daughter of Col. Francis Eppes (son of Col. Francis and grandson of Col. Francis). Ann Eppes is named as sister in will of Isham Eppes, proved in 1717.

Will of Isham Epes, of County & Parish of Henrico; Dated 4 March 1716/17: Probated, 5 Augt. 1717. Witnesses, Jos. Royall, Wm. Perkins, Pew- (X) -Price : Executors, Collo. Frans. Epes, Frans. Epes, Junr. and Wm. Epes, Junr. Debts justly owed to be first paid. All my negroes to be kept together on my plantation whereon I now live till this be accomplished. After all debts paid all . my negroes to be equally divided amongst my Brothers and Sisters (vizt) Frans. Epes, Junr., William Epes, Junr. Anne Kennon, Elizabeth Randolph, Mary Epes and Sarah Epes, & to their heirs forever. To Frans. Epes son to Frans. Epes, Junr. & to his heirs forever, all that tract or parcel1 of land belonging to me, known by name of Wintopack: To Richd. Kennon, Son to Wm. Kennon & to his heirs forever, all my part of a Survey on Nooning Creek & the plantation where Grant now lives. To my Father, one Large Seale Ring which was formerly my Grandfather Ishams. To my
Mother, one Mourning Ring to the value of 40 shill. Brother Wm. Epes, all my wearing apparell; my horse and arms. To my Father & to his heirs forever, all the tract & parcel1 of land that lies in Burmuda Hundred lately purchd. of Tucker Woodson; likewise my 2 houses & the 2 lots of land lying in the town at the hundred point. Ibid. p. 191. 
Eppes, Ann (I1287)
Ann is identified in estate records for Aaron Saunders on file with the NC state Archives. 
Saunders, Ann (I1373)
Ann Stone is the daughter of Col. John Stone. She is named in his will date 27 Apr. 1695, which is now lost. Fortunatley, the will is described in detail in the case Spicer v. Pope, Jeff. 43, 2 Va. Colonial Dec. B232, 1736 WL 1 (Va.Gen.Ct.), which was brough by one of the daughters of Ann Stone. Col. John Stone married Sarah Fleet Walker. It was her fourth marriage. It is not certain whether Ann Stone is the daughter of Sarah Fleet Walker Stone. Ann Stone died in 1728 as reported in Spicer v. Pope.

Anne Stone is the second wife of Richard Metcalfe, who was previously married to Elizabeth Fauntleroy. 
Stone, Ann (I1624)
Ann Wright is mentioned in will of Lawrence Washington (1697) 
Washington, Ann (I1192)
Anne Kennon married Thomas Powell on 20 Aug. 1820. 
Kennon, Anne (I1713)
Annie Hubbard was the daughter of Felix Hubbard and Susan Dill. Her parent are identifed in her death certificate. She was widowed at the time of her death. 
Hubbard, Annie (I2939)
Ares Witt was born 12 January 1761 in Halifax Co. Va. He moved to Guilford Co. NC and was living there when he enlisted in the spring of 1780 in Colonel Porterfiled’s North Carolina Regiment. He served ten months on Captain Besher’s Company and was in the battles of Hanging Rock, Camden, and Rugley’s Mill. He reenlisted in August 1781 in Colonel james Martin’s North Carolina Regiment. He served as first sargeant in Captain Minor Smith’s company and was in skirmihses at White Swamp, Drowning Creek, and Brick Home. This service was under his uncle, General Rutherford. Burgess Witt also gave an affidavit in support of Ares’ pension applicatin. the pension record does not state the relatinship of Burgess. However, Burgess also received a pension for service during the Revolutionary War and his application identifes Ares as his brother.

After the war, Ares moved to Greenville District SC, and then to Washington Co. TN, and from there to Knox Co., TN., and after that to McMinn Co., TN. He applied for a pension 5 Sept. 1833 in McMinn Co. where he had lived for about nine months. Ares married in 1817 or 1818 to Rebecaa Bryant in Capbell Co. TN. She was born in South Carolina. They had a son whose name was not written out. ARes died 15 Dec. 1840 and his wife was allowed a pension on an applicaiton made 13 April 1833, while a resident of Whitley Co. KY. She was 70 years old at the time of the application. A Minor Bryant was a Justice of the Peace in Whitley Co. His relatinship with Rebecca is not stated. 
Witt, Ares (I2925)
Arnold Mann married Rebecca Wright, daughter of Wingfiled Wright and Hannah Horn. Will of Wingfield Wright, Granville County Wills, 1749-1968, North Carolina State Archives, C.R. 044.801.42 (Wilson James D.-Young). Arnold Mann is identified in the will of Wingfield Wright as his son-in-law. Also, Hannah Wright identifies daughter Rebecca Mann in her will. Will of Hannah Wright, Granville County Wills, 1749-1968, North Carolina State Archives, C.R. 044.801.42 (Wilson James D.-Young). 
Mann, Arnold (I3349)
Asenath Bennett married Parmenas Cochran about 19 Sept. 1811 Wilkes County, GA Marriage Book, 1806-1834, p. 623 (Davidson II, p. 332)


Grace Gillam Davidson, The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County, Macon, GA 1933. (Davidson I)

Grace Gillam Davidson, The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County, Macon, GA 1933. (Davidson II) 
Bennett, Asenath (I738)
Asenath Bennett married Parmenas Cochran about 19 Sept. 1811 Wilkes County, GA Marriage Book, 1806-1834, p. 623 (Davidson II, p. 332). He received a distribution from the estate of Reuben Bennett in 1814. Wilkes County, GA Returns of Adminsitrators and Guardians, Book I, pp. 87, 89. (Davidson I, p. 227). Parmenas Cochran died before 3 May, 1824 when the court ordered Elizabeth Bennett, guardian of Reuben Bennett and Polly Bennett, to appear in court and show cause why the representatives of Parmenas Cachran, dec’d and Thomas Bowles should not be relieved as her security. Wilkes County, GA, Minutes of Inferior Court, 1824-1827, p. 13 (Davidson, p. 209).


Grace Gillam Davidson, The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County, Macon, GA 1933. (Davidson I)

Grace Gillam Davidson, The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County, Macon, GA 1933. (Davidson II) 
Cochran, Parmenas (I739)
At least one researcher indicates that Elizabeth’s last name was Hillsman. The source for this information is not known. 
Elizabeth (I3209)
Aug. 19, 1725, came one Wendel Wyant, Ultmer Schneble, and Henrich Snebvele. Sept. 21, 1731, came Joh. Jacob Wyandt, Jacob Rohr, Johannes Roth, etc., in all 269 persons on ship. Rupp's Thirty Thousand Names - listing immigrants arriving in Philadelphia 
Wyant, J. Wendel Weygandt (I4309)
August 1776 Census, for Frederick County listed Barnet Cole 26, Tunons(?) Cole 3, William Cole 1 and Susannah Cole 19. Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, Maryland Records, Colonial, Revolutionary, County and Church: From Original Sources, Volume 1, William and Wilkins Company, Baltimore, MD 1915, p. 201

His will is in Washington County PA record 2, p. 489 Washington County PA Register of Wills. Will Record 2, p. 489, Washington Co., Pa.,

Register of Wills - In the name of God Amen I Barnet Cole of Washington County, State of Pennsylvania, being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, to wit, And first I give and bequeath to my grandson David McClain one horse worth forty-five dollars, also a saddle and bridle, and one good suit of cloths, all of which is to be furnished him out of my real estate when he shall come to the age of twenty one years. Also my will is that the said David be boarded and schooled out of my estate, during his minority, until he should be made acquainted with reading, writing, and arithmetic to the rule of three. 2nd all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, goods and chattels, real and personal, of what kind or nature so ever, I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Susanna Cole during her natural life or widowhood, and after her death, I give and devise my real estate to my three sons Tunis, William, and Barnet Cole, to be equally divided between them. I also give to my son Barnet Cole my last spring colt and my spoon moulds. All of the rest of my personal estate, I give and beqeath to my daughters Anna Crow, Susanna Cole, Rebecca Kizia Jones, Jemima Crow, Nancy Hutchinson, and Sarah Cole to be equally divided between them, after the death of my beloved wife Susanna Cole. Should there at any time be more stock on hand than my said beloved wife Susanna Cole should choose to keep, my will is that she chose two free holders to appraise such part as she may direct and give such appraised.... to such of my beloved daughters (as part of their portion) as she shall think fit. And lastly I do nominate and appoint my friends James Dicky and Christian Hootman sole executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made, ratifying and confirming this to be my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-fifth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. Barnet Cole. Witnesses: W. Wilson, Samuel Miller, George Jones April 4, 1814 Letters testamentary with copy of the will and probate annexed issued to James Dicky and Christian Hootman the executors within named who on same day were sworn. Registered and compared with original the 4th day of April 1814. Various deed recordsindicate his worth and his property while in Donegal TWp and name his sons as the owners after his death.
Wash. Co Orpahans court file C p 55. Which daughter was married to a McClain as he names a grandson, David McClain in his will
1776 census for Maryland has Barnet Cole in the part of Frederick county that became Montgomery County. He is aged 26 with Susannah aged 19 and William aged 1. he doesn't appear in any Revolutionary War records including the 1778 (required) Oath of Fidelity. From Anne at the Frederick County genweb site. 3/25/01. 1798 Tax list Wash Co, Barnet Cole appears
someone has quoted from the Horn Papers, which most of the learned genealogists I've spoken with claim are faked, that the original patent for Barnet Cole in Washington county was named " Cole's Discovery" vol iii p. 61

Barnet Cole found in:
US - Census Index (1790)
Township: Not Stated
County: Washington
State: Pennsylvania
Year: 1790
Roll: M637_9
Page: 257 
Cole, Barnet (I4161)
Ball, George & Payne Judith; b. 10 Oct. 1735; Merriman Payne (sec);bride was daughter of William (d. LC 1726) and Judith (d. LC 1748) Payne. Source: Robert K. Headley, Jr., Married Well & Often: Marriages of Northern Neck Virginia, Genealogical Pub., Co., Inc. 2003, p. 24.

Judith Payne was married first to George Ball and second to Vincent Vass. Proof that Judith Payne married Vincent Vass is contained in the following order from the Caroline Co. Order Book:

Court of 12 Aug 1756. Action of debt. Vincent Vast [sic] and Judith his wife, admx. of Geo. Ball, against Oliver Towles. The defendant says he cannot deny he owes £73.12 current money. [Note: This was Vincent Vass who is, according to the marriage bonds of Richmond County, VA, married Judith Ball 27 Nov 1755, with Samuel Rust bondsman. The Richmond County account books contain a division of the estate of Capt. George Ball 31 May 1756. The account mentions Judith Ball, John Ball, and Williamson Ball. Pursuant to an order of court, the administrators met and settled the account of George Ball dec'd…and by consent of Messrs. Mitchell & Glascock, guardians to the children, and VINCENT VASS have allotted & delivered the above goods etc. in full satisfaction of the children’s part of the personal estate.]

Marriage Bonds at Warsaw, Richmond County, The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 1 (Jul., 1896), pp. 19-20
Vincent Vass to Judith Ball 27 Nov. 1755, Samuel Rust 
Payne, Judith (I1579)
Bedford Co. Va Court Order Book for 1754 was held at the House of Matthew Talbot May 5, 1754. Thomas PULLIN(sic) as among the first Justices sworn into office on that date.

Deed from William Callaway to Thomas Pullen, 204 acres for 23 pounds, beginning at a white oak binding on the land Thomas PULLEN(sic) bought of George Walton.. (this being part of 898 acres which Geo. Walton surveyed for Ambrose Mills, who later sold it to Wm Callaway. Recorded April 27, 1761.
(Bedford County Deed Book A-1, p. 430.


Pension Application of Thomas Pullen: S15847
                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
State of Virginia  Bedford County Sct.
            On this 25th day of November One thousand eight hundred and thirty three personally appeared in open Court before David Suanders  Robert Campbell  William Mead and Balda[?] McDaniel the County Court of Bedford now sitting Thomas Pullen a resident of the County of Bedford aforesaid in the state of Virginia aged seventy years the 15th December one thousand Eight hundred thirty two who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
            That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein after stated to wit – That he was drafted out of a company commanded by Captain Charles Callaway in the County of Bedford where he then resided and was marched to New London in the County of Campbell where he served a tour of three months employed in guarding some tories then confined in the Jail and other houses there, the guard was part of the time under the command of Captain Cotterall and the other part of said tour under the command of Capt Nathan Reid of the Regular army. he served principally under the latter Officer. the month and year is not distinctly recollected when he was regularly discharged, but does not recollect whether it was in writing. if so it is lost or mislaid. this discharge was given by           That during that tour of duty he arrested and secured a deserter and delivered him to Captain William Reid who knew him to be a deserter who had enlisted in the Army of the United States during the war, and for which by the rules and regulations then in force he became entitled to a credit for a three months tour of duty. In 1781, then too residing in the county of Bedford he was drafted out of a militia company commanded by          to go to North Carolina against the British commanded by Lord Cornwallis; before however he joined the American Army under the command of General Green [sic: Nathanael Greene] he enlisted as a volunteer in a company commanded by Cap. Jacob Moore [sic: probably Jacob Moon], the ensign Thomas Lumpkin, and was then attached to a regiment of riflemen commanded by Col. Charles Lynch. He was marched through many parts of North Carolina with Colo. [William] Washingtons corps of light horse, between the armies of Green & Cornwallis reconoitering and was in the Battle of Guilford [Guilford Courthouse, 15 March 1781]. this tour commenced early in January 1781 and ended in April of the same year making three months when he was regularly discharged by            by order of             if in writing it is lost or mislaid. He has no register of his age but recollects his parents telling him that he was born in Lancaster County Virginia on the 15th day of December 1761, and when very young his father removed to the county of Bedford, where the Declarant has resided ever since. that he has no documentary evidence by which he can prove the facts required, nor any living person save Henry Adams by whose evidence he can prove some of the facts above set forth.  He hereby relinquishes his every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.
There being no clergyman in the neighbourhood of the Declarant of age sufficient to speak on oath of the transactions of the Revolutionary War, we Henry Brown and Henry Adams of Bedford County and State of Virginia citizens residing neighbours to Thomas Pullen the Declarant do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with the said Thomas Pullen who has subscribed & sworn to the above Declaration, and believe him to be a man of truth and of the age he states in the above declaration, and that he is reputed & believed in the neighbourhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid before the Court aforesaid.
            Henry Brown                  Henry Adams
Virginia  Bedford County
            I Henry Adams aged       years of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby certify that Thomas Pullen of the said County and State, served in the same company with me a tour of duty in General Greens army in North Carolina during the Revolutionary War, the company was commanded by Cap’n Jacob Moore and we were in the Battle of Guilford  the tour of duty was three months. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid, before the Court aforesaid. Henry Adams
Bedford County Sct.
            This day Captain William Arthur personally appeared before William R. Jones a justice of the peace for said County & made oath that to the best of his recollection that he served a tour of duty with Cap. Thomas Pullen as a private at that time under Captain Nathan Reid who had the command of a detachment of men under him for the purpose of guarding the magazine at the Town of New London now Campbell then Bedford County – as well as I can now recollect the Tower of duty commenced about the first of June 1781 and served a three months Tower of duty at that time. Given under my hand this 25th day of November eighteen hundred and thirty three  [signed] William Arthur   Wm. R. Jones J.P.
            The Court of Bedford aforesaid now sitting propounded to Thomas Pullen, the Declarant the Interrogatories following
1st Where and in what year were you born? – Answer – I was born in Lancaster County Virginia in the year 1761.
2nd Have you any record of your age if so where is it– Answer. I have no record of my age, but have it from the information of my father & mother which I well recollect.
3rd Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since the Revolutionary war, and where do you now live? Answer– I was living in Bedford County Virginia when called into service, in Bedford County I have lived since the Revolutionary war and in Bedford I now live
4th How were you called into service, where you drafted, did you volunteer or were you a substitute, and if a substitute for whom. Answer I was drafted the first tour, the second tour I was again drafted to go to North Carolina against the British commanded by Cornwallis, but before I joined the main American army commanded by General Green, I enlisted as a volunteer in Cap. Jacob Moores company
5th State the names of some of the regular officers, the regiments continental and militia and general circumstances. Answer. Captain Nathan Reid at New London, at Guilford General Green, Colonels [Henry] Lee & Washington. Lees Regiment of horse and Washingtons corps the same, and there Green commanded the regular army & militia. the only prominent circumstance at New London was that of my taking and delivering up            a deserter to captain Nathan Reid, and in North Carolina at the Battle of Guilford.
6th Did you ever receive a discharge from the service. if so by whom given and what has become of it. Answer. alltho’ regularly discharged I cannot recollect whether the discharges were verbal or in writing, if in writing they have been mislaid or lost and were given the first by Cotterall, the other by Nathan Reid.
7th State the names of persons to whom you are known in you present neighborhood who can testify as to your character for veracity and belief of your having been a Soldier of the Revolution. Answer Henry Brown & Henry Adams.
NOTE: A document in the file states that Pullen was paid till 31 Jan 1844, the date of his death.

Pullen, Thomas (I1663)
Benjamin Cannon was likely the son of Jeremiah Cannon. He was born prior to 1746 since he was named as an executor in his father's 1767 will. He married first to Mary East, daughter of Joseph East of Louis Co., Va. His second wife, named in his estate records, was Henningham. Her surname is not know, but she may be a relation of George Carrington, whose mother and daughter were both named Henningham. Benjamin Cannon died in Stokes Co. North Carolina in 1800. The guardianship records in Stokes Co. North Carolina refer to the orphans of Benjamin Cannon, but do not name the orphans. Nevertheless, the identity of some children can be inferred from existing records.

Benjamin Cannon lived for a while in Henry Co., Virgnia and was involved in several land transactions in Henry Co. He is referred to in the Henry Co. records as Benjamin Kennon. However, it will be shown that Benjamin Kennon of Henry Co. and Benjamin Cannon of Stokes Co. NC are the same person.

On 8 March 1783, James East, Senr. and his wife Ellphan of Henry Co., Virginia sold to Benjamin Kennon (Cannon) for the sum of five pounds, 106 acres on Horsepasture Creek. Witnesses to the deed include John Watson, John, Salmon, and Bowles Abbington.

On 24 March 1786, James East, Sr. of Henry Co. sold to Benjamin Kennon (Cannon) several tracts of land. The first was a tract containing 117 acres on the south side of Horsepasture Creek. The second part included 320 acres of land on Camp Branch including the land patented by James East on 10 April 1781 and a part of the land patented by him on 1 June 1782. The April 10 patent contained 286 acres.47 The June 1 patent contained 287 acres. FN 1 Benjamin Kennon subsequently sold this land acquired from James East on 25 March 1791 to James Cook for 100 pounds. FN 2

On 25 April 1791, Benjamin Kennon (Cannon) sold to William Woolard for 50 pounds, 200 acres of land on the head branch of Bull Run, which was part of 287 acres patented by James East. FN 3 This appears to be part of the June 1 patent to James East. I have not found a matching record conveying this land to Benjamin Cannon.

It seems likely that Benjamin Cannon moved to Stokes Co., North Carolina in 1791 or after. The 25 April 1791 deed to William Wollard may have been made in preparation of his move. Records in Henry Co, Virginia and Stokes Co., NC after 1791 need to be studied to determine the date of his move more precisely. However, Benjamin Cannon's presence in Stokes Co. NC is proved by the records of his estate.

Benjamin apparently died intestate in Stokes Co., North Carolina in 1800. FN 4 There is a record for his estate in the records of the North Carolina State Archives. A bond for the administration of his estate was granted to his wife Henningham, Joseph Cloud and John Salmon Sr. on 2 September 1800. Henningham Cannon filed a petition with the court to appoint Joseph Cloud, James Davis, Alexander Burge, and Thomas Cardwell, or any three of them, commissioners to settle the estate of Benjamin Cannon and to set of a portion of the estate both real and personal for Henningham Cannon. The petition was granted by the court

The given name of Benjamin Cannon's wife suggests that she is related to George Carrington, who was involved in several transactions with the elder Benjamin Cannon. George Carrington was a prominent citizen of Cumberland and Goochland Counties. He was the son of Paul Carrington Sr. of Barbados and Henningham Codrington. He migrated to Virginia in 1721 at the age of 10 with his sister Anne and brother-in-law Joseph Mayo. George Carrington had many children, including a daughter named Henningham, who married John Bernard. The name Henningham is common in many generations of George Carrington's descendants. Because of the relationship between the elder Benjamin Cannon and George Carrington, and the relative rareness of the name Henningham outside of the Carrington family, it seems probable that Benjamin's wife is related to George Carrington; she is perhaps a grandchild of George Carrington. Research is continuing to identify the parents of Henningham.

An undated inventory in the Benjamin Cannon estate records lists the personal property and concludes with the following statement:

This statement as brought forward is what of the dec'd estate the Administratrix finds in her hands, except four negros to wit Nan, Charles (infirm) a negro Girl Called Euz a boy named Frank which the Administratrix discovers in an Item of one called Joseph East in his last will and testament bequeathed to Mary Cannon and her heirs when the youngest Child comes of age, if Mary Cannon was Wife of the dec'd Benjamin Cannon is [he?] one of the heirs." FN 5

The statement in the inventory, while a little confusing, suggests that Benjamin Cannon was previously married to Mary East, daughter of Joseph East, who died in Louisa Co. in 1768. The will of Joseph East names a daughter Mary Cannon to whom he bequeathed a slave named Nan and her increase for her life and after her decease to the children lawfully begotten by Mary Cannon when the youngest child comes of age. FN 6 The slave Nan is identified as part of the estate of Benjamin Cannon.

One other document of interest is contained in the estate records of Benjamin Cannon. A summons issued by the Stokes County court orders Bartlett Cannon to appear and provide an accounting for the estate of the orphans of Benjamin Cannon. FN 7 The summons indicates that Bartlett Cannon had been appointed guardian of Benjamin Cannon's orphans and had not previously presented an account of the estate of the orphans. Apparently, the summons was never served. An annotation on the summons signed by the sheriff states that Bartlett Cannon "is not to be found in Stokes."

1 Henry Co., Virginia Deed Book 4, p. 195-96 (Adams, p. 122)
2 Henry Co., Virginia Deed Book 4, p. 269-70 (Adams, p. 132)
3 Administration Bond from Estate Papers of Benjamin Cannon, Stokes Co. Record of Estates, N.C. Division of Archives and History 1790-1849, 1861-1869, C.R. 90.508.1.
4 Inventory of Benjamin Cannon Estate, Stokes Co. Record of Estates, N.C. Division of Archives and History 1790-1849, 1861-1869, C.R. 90.508.1.
5 Louisa Co. Will Book 2, p.147 (Chappelar, p. 32)
6 Summons from Estate Papers of Benjamin Cannon, Stokes Co. Record of Estates, N.C. Division of Archives and History 1790-1849, 1861-1869, C.R. 90.508.1.


Lela Adams, Abstracts of Deed Books III & IV of Henry County, Virginia 1784-1792, 1978 (Adams)

Nancy Chappelear Baird and Kate Hatch, Abstracts of Louisa County Wills, 1743-1801, Delaplane, VA, 1964 (Chappelar) 
Cannon, Benjamin (I1769)
Benjamin died in 1729. His will was recorded 28th day of August 1729, Westmoreland Co, VA. James was given the Home Place, at "White Hall" in King George Co, VA, and the Water Grist Mill.

Elizabeth's will was proved 22 day of February 1763 in Westmoreland Co, VA. 
Berryman, Capt. Benjamin (I4282)
Benjamin Harrison II was the son of Benjamin Harrison I and Mary. He married Hannah Churchill. He left a will in Surry Co. VA dated 16 Apr. 1711 and proved 6 Feb. 1712/13 naming sons Henry and Nathaniel, daughters Sarah and Hannah, and grandson Benjamin Harrison. Surry Co. Wills, Deeds, Etc. 6, 1709-1715, p. 131.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

"IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Benjamin Harrison of Surry County knowing ye uncertainty of man's life and how unfit we are when pains and sickness comes upon us to settle our worldly affairs I do therefore with due consideration make and ordain this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking making void and null all other former wills by me made. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty GOD that gave it me stead- fastly believing through ye merits of my blessed redeemer Jesus Christ I shall receive full and absolute pardon for all my sins. My body I commit to ye earth from whence it was taken to be decently buried at ye discretion of my executor and for ye worldly estate that GOD of His mercy and goodness He has bestowed upon me I dispose of that in manner following Item: I give to my son Nathaniel one hundred acres of land whereon his mill now stands half an acre of land in ye town of Folwerdy [Flow- edieu] Hundred and all my land in Martins Brandon in Prince George County all of which parcells of land I give to my said son and his heirs forever. I give to my son Henry ye plantation whereon I now live with ye remaining part of ye land I bought of John Barker which is not already conveyed to him I also give him four hundred and fifty acres of land in one patent and one hundred and I5 acres of land in one other patent and all my land at Cabin Point all joining to my plantation land which several parcells or tracts of land I give unto my said son and to his heirs forever I also give to my said son all ye Negroes and other slaves that shall belong to my plantation at ye time of my death and all ye slaves that live at Cabin Point I also give him all my cattell horses mules sheep and hogs that belong to ye said two plantations I also give him all my plate and household goods as furniture, silver, wooden, pewter, brass and iron with all my bedding and all of my books I also give him my new sloop Henry with all my boats and ye sails and what else I have sent for for ye use of said sloop if it please God it come safe in But my will is that* in case my son Henry should dey without an heir of his body lawfully begotten then my will is that all ye real estate that I have given to my son Henry should goe to my son Nathaniel and to his heirs forever he paying my grandson Benjamin Harrison one hundred pounds current money out of ye said estate Item: I give unto William Stringer my three hundred and fifty acres of land on the south side of Blackwater swamp where my quarter now is to him and ye lawful heirs male of his body forever but for want of such heir or in case he remove out of ye country then my will is that ye said land do goe unto my son Henry and ye lawful heirs of his body forever And for want of such heir I give to my son Nathaniel and to his heirs forever I also give unto ye said Stringer one male negro not under IS nor above 30 years of age and two cows and calves. Item: I give unto Joel Barker that part of my land at ye Wild Cat that lies on ye south side of ye branch whereon he now lives to him and his heirs forever Item: I give 20 lbs sterling to buy ornaments for ye Chapel and that my executor take care to provide them so soon as may be after ye new Chapel is built and my will is that five acres of my land be laid out where ye old Chapel now stands and that it be held for that use forever. Item: I give unto my daughter Sarah four hundred pounds current money or sterling Item: I give unto my daughter Hannah four hundred pounds cur- rent money or sterling Item: I give unto my grandson Benjamin Harrison four hundred pounds current money or sterling to be paid to him when he comes to age Item: I give to every one of my grandchildren one hundred pounds current money or sterling apiece to be paid to each of them as they come of age or marry which shall first happen my grandson Benjamin Harrison only excepted he being already provided for Item: My will is that after my just debts and legacies above men- tioned with my funeral charges be fully satisfied then I give all ye rest of my estate unto my son Nathaniel whom I do appoint my full and sole executor whether money in England or Barbadoes debts here in ye country goods in ye store or what else soever it be of what kind or quality soever that it is not already given away this my will. In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this x6th day of April 1711.

Benjamin Harrison. (sealed with a loop)

Signed and sealed in ye presence of
Thomas Cocke George Rochelle
William Short John Jyns

Codicil: I give to my son Henry besides what is above expressed these fol- lowing debts Viz: John Somers his debt Richard Hamlin his debt John Vaughen his debt Capt. Clements his debt Ye debt due from William Harts estate and all my crops. At a Court held at Southwark for the County of Surry Feb. 18th 1712 the above mentioned will of Benjamin Harrison Esq. was pre- sented in Court by Nathaniel Harrison executor thereof who made oath thereto and being proved by the oaths of Thos. Cocke William Short John Jyns witnesses thereto the same is ordered to be recorded and is recorded by

John Allen Cl. Cur." 
Harrison, Col. Benjamin (I2472)
Benjamin Harrison was born in 1695 in Charles City County, Virginia, to Benjamin Harrison (1673-1710) and Elizabeth Burwell Harrison (1677-1734). He attended the College of William and Mary. Harrison represented Charles City County in the House of Burgesses from 1736 to 1742. Harrison was a large landholder, owning land in Charles City, Prince George, Surry, Sussex, Brunswick, and Amelia Counties, and Petersburg, Virginia. Harrison built the plantation house "Berkeley." He married Anne Carter in 1722 and they had 10 children, including Benjamin Harrison (1726-1791) who served as governor of Virginia and signed the Declaration of Independence. Harrison and two of his daughters were killed 12 July 1745 by a lightning strike at Berkeley and were buried there.

He made a will, no longer extant, dated 17 Oct. 1743. the will was recorded in Sugust 1745 in the Charles City Co. court. A transcript of the will is available at the Library of Virginia ( Accession 29245). 
Harrison, Benjamin IV (I2486)
Benjamin Hooper is recorded in the 1810 census in Caswell Co. His household includes 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 26-45. 1810 Caswell Co., North Carolina Census, Roll 38, p. 57.

Benjamin Hooper is recorded in the 1820 census in Caswell Co. His household includes 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45+, 26-45, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 10-16, and 1 feamle 26-45. 1820 Caswell Co., North Carolina Census, Roll M33_81, p. 62.

Benjamin Hooper made a will dated 23 Sept. 1830, which was probated in July 1839. He left his entire estate to his wife Nancy as long as she remained a widow, then to be equally divided between his children. He named his wife Nancy as administrator. H. Hooper (Henry) and Joseph Henderson witnessed the will. Caswell Co. Deed Book N, p. 377. (Kendall, p. 144).

Nancy remarried to Joseph Bracken following the death of her husband Benjamin. Joseph Bracken and his wife Nancy Bracken, as administrator of the estate of Benjamin Hooper, filed an accounting with the court. the court directed that the legacies due to Zachariah L. Francis, Joseph, and Elisha Hooper from the estate of Joseph Henderson to be paid in division of negroes when suit in equity brought by Hiram henderson is settled. Caswell Co. Will Book O, p. 498. 
Hooper, Benjamin (I2947)
Benjamin Sorsby was a private in the 3rd Regiment, Captain Jacob Turner’s Company, during the Revolutionary War. He enlisted (probably in Wilmington) andwas commissioned 26 Oct. 1776. He was discharged Oct. 1778 after serving 2.5 years. 
Sorsby, Benjamin (I3474)
Benjamin Woodson married Darah Port, daughter of William Port jr.. he lived at Curles, Henrico Co. and left a will , which is now lost, dated 19 Nov. 1722. The will was probated in Aug. 1723. 
Woodson, Benjamin (I1803)
Benjamin Wright was bondsman on the marriage bond for David Bradford and Elisabeth Man dated 6 Nov. 1777 in Granville Co. NC. Brent H. Holcomb, Marriages of Granville County, North Carolina, 1753-1868, Genealogical Publishing Co., Balt. Md. 2003, p. 33

The 1783 will of Wingfield Wright names his son Benjamin, whom he gives a negro named Dick. Wingfield also granted Benjamin use of a female slave named Silvah during his natural life, after which the slave was to be equally divded between his two oldest sons Winfiled Wright and Johnman Wright.

Benjamin Wright moved to Franklin Co., NC by 1786, which is evidenced by a 1786 deed in Granville Co. from the heirs of Susannah Wright to John Pope Jr. Benjamin’s sister Susannah Wright died by Nov. 1784 when an account of sales and inventory of her estate were returned to court. Record of Susannah Wright Estate, Granville County Estate Records, 1746-1919, C.R.044.508.197 (Woody - Wynn). She was left a tract of land in Granville Co. in her father’s will. In a deed dated 22 Feb. 1786, Hannah Wright, admrx. of Susannah Wright, William Wright of Nash Co., John Wright of Halifax Co, and Benjamin Wright of Frankln Co, NC, all heirs of Susanna Wright, decd., sold to John Pope (Sr.) the land left to Susannah by their father. The land was part of a larger tract formerly owned Winfield Wright, decd. Granville Co. Deed Book O, p. 454.

Note that Thomas Wright, brother of Benjamin and Susannah, is not mentioned in the 1786 deed from the heirs of Susannah Wright to John Pope (Sr.). His absence suggests that he was deceased, however, his share should nevertheless have passed to his children. Perhaps they were not of age in 1786 and could not sign the deed. In any event, the interest of Thomas or his surviving children was not conveyed. Therefore, it appears that John Pope (Sr.). did not acquire full title to the property. On 8 Aug. 1786, John Pope, Sr. deeded the land acquired from the heirs of Susannah Wright to John Pope, Jr. Granville Co. Deeds O, p. 511. Subsequntly, on 29 Nov. 1787, Augustine Wright, as heir of Thomas Wright, conveyed his interest in the same land to John Pope, Jr. Granville Co. Deed Book N, p. 21. The deed from Augustine Wright to john Pope Jr. was apparently made to unify title to the land formerly owned by Winfield Wright and Sussanah Wright.

It is believed that Benjamin Wright remained in Franklin co. until about 1794 when he moved to Johnsotn Co., NC. I have made a cursory review of Franklin Co., NC records and there are many records mentioning Benjamin Wright, who appears to be a prominent citizen.

A Benjamin Wright married in Wake Co. to Olive Perry 17 Aug. 1787. It is not known whether this is the same Benjmain Wright who lived in Franklin and Johnston counties. If so, it is probably a second marriage.

On 30 Aug. 1794 Benjamin Wright purchased from Samuel Balding for 50 pds., 70 acres on north side of Black Mingo near Beard’s Branch. The land was granted to Samuel Balding 12 Nov. 1793. Winfield Wright (his son), Jo. Hodges, and Matthew Moore witnessed the deed, which was proved in Nov. Ct. 1795. Johnston Co. Deed Book V, p. 106.

On 16 Oct. 1764, Benjamin Cannon entered 165 acres of land in Johston Co. lying on the north side of Black Mingo joing his own line, Clemment Bryan’s line on Beard’s Branch, William Rialses line and Petter Harrises line. Weynette Parks Huan, Johnston County Land Entires 1778 thru 1805, Durham, NC, 1980, p. 81.

On 30 Oct. 1794 Benjamin Wright purchased from John Lee of Hawkins Co., NC, two tracts of land from John Sasser for 200 pds. The first tract contained 300 acres on the east side of Black mango joining the lines of Sasser and Cumberland (?). The first tract comprises comprised two parts - the first part was granted to John Sasser by patent and the second part was granted to Drewry Hix by patent dated 1769. The conveyance also incude a second tract containing 122 acres of land on the lower side of Beard’s Branch near Wood’s line, which was granted by patent to James Harrision in 1779. The deed was signed by James Lee as attorney for john Lee. Hopkins Lee and Matthew Moor witnessed the deed. Johnston Co. Deed Book V, p. 131.

Benjamin Wright is recorded in the 1800 census in Johnson Co., NC. His household includes 2 males 10-15, 3 males 16-25, 1 male over 45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-25, and 1 female over 45, and 5 slaves. 1800 Federal Census, Johnson Co., NC, Roll 31, p. 771. There is sufficeint eveidence to conclude that he is the son of Wingfield Wright. Thus, Benjamin Wright was born sometime prior to 1755.

Benjamin Wright is not listed in the 1800 tax list for Johnston Co., although he is listed in 1799. A deed from William Proctor to James Woodall refers to the land being conveyed as adjacent widow Wright’s line, John Mann Wright, and Winfield Wright. Johnsotn Co. Deed Book E-2, p. 256-246. Therefore, it can be concluded that Benjamin Wright died in Johnsotn Co., probably near tthe end of the year 1800. 
Wright, Benjamin (I3294)
Bettie Rollings is the sister of Martha Jane Rollings, who married Thomas Dove. William and Bettie Sanders' son, William Presley Sanders, married the daughter of Martha Jane Rollings and Thomas Dove, who was his first cousin. 
Rollin, Elizabeth (I1035)
Beulah Hubbard was the daughter of Felix Allen Hubbard and Susan Dill. She survived her husband, whose surname was Miller. NC Death Certificate # 1794 
Hubbard, Beulah (I2944)
Bunbury is listed in the 1850 census in District 28, Jefferson Co., Va. He is 41 years old. His household inlcudes Mary E (26), Joseph H. (9), Sarah V. (6), David M. (5). Thomas J. (4), John W. (2), and Benjamin F. (1). Roll: M432_953; Page: 371 
Bennett, Bunbury (I1485)
Buried at Worlds Cemetary, Calland, Pittsylvania, Co., VA 
Reynolds, John Devin (I1388)
Buried in Worlds Cemetery in Callands, Pittsylvania County. Tombstone gives dates of birth and death. Names husband Barton T. Reynolds. 
Oakes, Rutha Ann (I1387)
Byrd T. Jennings, 54, appears in the 1870 census in Pittsylvania Co., Va with his wife Martha, 29, and four children; Meridith,20, Tabitha Elizabeth, 18, Charles W., 12, and John B., 9. Meredith and Tabitha Elizabeth are apprently children of a previous marriage. 
Jennings, Byrd Thomas (I1065)
Calib Wright married Betsy Thomas 31 Dec. 1792. Check whether this Betsy is the same person as the wife of Whitehead Page.

Betsy Wright is 26-45 years old in the 1810 census. Therefore, she was born sometime between 1765 and 1784.

Joshua Wright was the bondsman for the marriage.

Jacob Wright died before Jan. 1820 and left a will in Caswell Co. dated 19 Jan. 1819. The will names Elizabeth Hubbard, and grants balance of the estate to his grandson Jacob Wright, son of Caleb Wright. Caswell Co. Will Book H, p. 297. 
Wright, Betsy (I914)
Charles Cox appears in the Henry County, Virginia. census in 1830. He is 60 - 70 years old. A female of the same age, presumably his wife, is in the household. A Bennett Cox is listed on the same page. He is 30-40 years old. 
Cox, Charles (I1482)
Charles Moore is recorded in the 1880 census in Halifax Co. VA. He is 38 years old. He is living with his wife Rebecca who is 36 years old. The children in the household include Hatty 12, Ember 10, Ellen 8, Alden 5, Walter 2 and Henry 9 months. 1880 U.S. Census, Halifax Co., Virginia, Roll T9_1369 p. 257.

The death certificate of Woodie Henry Moore identifies his father as Charles A. Moore and his mother as Rebecca R. Carlton and states that both were born in Halifax Co., VA. North Carolina Death Certificate, No. 4140. 
Moore, Charles Anderson (I2327)

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